Floral Meanings



With the festive season coming, to celebrate I’m writing this blog to tell you that floral meanings can have a different emotion and can uplift a person’s mood.

Each flower and it’s colour has a different meaning; from a yellow rose meaning friendship to a red rose meaning passion or a waterlily meaning good fortune.  There is a meaning for each flower which will suit each occasion.  I paint silk floral cards & pictures designed by Silkcraft. (photo shown above)  All silk products available to purchase, contact dianne_hurst@hotmail.com.

Birds of Paradise  =  Joyful and magnificence

Carnation = Admiration

Daffodil      = Joy and happiness (given in a bunch)

Daisy           =  Loyal love

Gerbera      =  Cheerfulness

Iris               =  Elequence (blue iris = faith  & hope)

=  (purple iris = wisdom)

Lily               =  Beauty

Magnolia    =  (white magnolia =purity & perfection and

=  pink magnolia = youth & innocence)

Orchid          =  Exotic beauty, mature charm

Pansies         =  Loving thoughts

Poppy            =  Remembrance

Rose               =  (red rose = passion, pink = grace, white rose = charm

and yellow rose = friendship)

Tulip                =  Perfect love (red = declaration of love and

varigated tulip = you have beautiful eyes)



Which method of social media is the best for my business?

I joined twitter approximately 2 years ago and now have over 300 followers. Tweeting often photos of my handmade silk products telling everyone what is new and where I can be seen to buy my products.  My twitter name is: @dianne_hurst.

My Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/D_5ilky/363804780421636.

Please like my page to see more photos as I continue to make different colour paint choices for the variety of silk products that I make.

My Etsy Shop is called http://www.etsy.com/shop/d5ilky.  I have joined teams called: Craft & Small Business Networking and Crafty creatives UK.

Chatting to people all the time is my nature, so comes easy to me. Telling neighbours, friends and acquaintances about my silk products was how I started to sell my framed A4 floral pictures. Adding scarves, greeting cards, novelty ties, pocket squares came later.

In November 2014, I will be at two school fetes and look forward to increasing my client base.  Aswell as cash, I will be able to take Paypal payments.

If you would like a craft party to sell my handpainted silks, please book date through private message or ringing my mobile.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Etsy shop teams
  • Word of mouth – socialising
  • School Fetes/fayres
  • Craft Party

Opening of Etsy Shop, d5ilky

In October 2014, I opened an Etsy on-line shop to sell my silk products; scarves, evening wraps, ties, floral & animal greeting cards, A4 sized framed pictures and  handkerchiefs/pocket squares. Please visit and if you like something, buy it on Etsy/d5ilky. You can also purchase bespoke silk products from me.  I am currently working on a zebra pattern for a large evening wrap.  What I have found is that the people who have received my cards like to keep them and frame them. The cards are all painted by Dianne and printed by Silkcraft.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Here are a few samples of over 25 designs.









In the beginning…..

The first silk that I painted was a 90cm x 90cm picture which already had black gutta outline on.  It is a bright picture with rabbits coming out of a magician’s hat, a clown, a jester and a jack-in-the-box.  At the time that I made it, the idea was going for it to be cut up into the front panels for a ladies waistcoat.  On reflection, I am so grateful that I decided not to cut it up and was pregnant and didn’t know the gender of the baby and wanted to use it as a picture for the baby’s room.



I had a black tie affair to go to and wanted an evening wrap to go with my plain dress, so I made this for my second painted product.